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Listing Fees of DSE has been revised w.e.f. F.Y. 2014-15
If the listing fees have not been paid by the company within stipulated time period, interest will be levied @ 12 % p. a. on outstanding listing fees from the year of outstanding till the actual date of payment of listing fees.
Delhi Stock Exchange Limited (DSE) is located in Delhi, the Indian Capital surrounded by the most promising States of Northern India which predominantly contribute to the India’s Economic Growth and have significantly large number of Small and Medium Enterprises.

DSE, one of the oldest Stock Exchanges in the country, was established in the year 1947, the year of Indian Independence. Since then, it has played a key role in the development of the economy by facilitating investments in different sectors, thereby creating a reasonably encouraging equity cult in the northern belt of India. DSE, from the inception, has been helping the companies around, in terms of creation of capital and net-worth. It has contributed in its inimitable way, in spreading financial literacy amongst the larger populace.

During the year 2007-08, DSE successfully completed the demutualization process with the minimum public holding of 51%.

DSE has set an ambitious path of reviving its trading operations soon backed by the global technology and skills matching the best in the Industry. DSE would soon regain its position as the premier active Stock Exchange in India. DSE intends to channelize its productive resources towards contributing significantly to the growth of the Capital Market in India.


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